HR Level Calculator

Define your company's HR Level (Level 1-4) in your company by answering these questions.

Are you still in bottom-level HR which is focused on administration? or are you at the top level which is HR Strategic Partner?

How to use the calculator?

Move the slider based on your answer. 1= Strongly Disagree ; 2= Disagree; 3=Somewhat Agree; 4= Agree; 5= Strongly Agree
Important Note: The calculator on this page is provided by Calconic through Abhitech Resource Center and is designed to provide general guidance.
It shows you the current level of HR that you have.

HR Level 1: focus on administration
HR Level 2: focus on the operation
HR Level 3: focus on strategic
HR Level 4: focus being Strategic Partner
If you know your HR Level, you know the current focus of the HR team whether they bring direct impact to the company productivity or not.
We deeply analyzed the HR characteristics and variables of each level. Those variables are transformed into questions and measured by a set of numbers. Therefore, using this calculator, you can accurately identify the HR Level of your company.

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