Our Story

HR for Business Impact

Our Story:

Abhitech specializes in providing HR solutions to major companies in Indonesia.

We believe by taking care of your HR administration and processes, enables you to focus on core business strategies and activities to achieve growth.

That’s why our aim is simple; to support more #HRforBusinessImpact in Indonesia.

Our proven approach has helped our clients better manage resources and costs, and minimize risk.

Over 30 years of stable growth, we have maintained a high level of credibility and managed over 250 contracts to major companies in Indonesia such as Pertamina, BP, Exxon, Axiata and others. (Check the client list)

Our clients have one thing in common, that is, they have trusted Abhitech to handle their HR administration and processes throughout their employees’ lifecycle.

This allows them to focus on the things that matter most: core business strategy and activities to boost productivity and growth.

Now it’s your turn!